What is the best way to drive traffic to your site?

There are many different methods when it comes to driving traffic to your website, but what actually works? Our guide will take you through the top ten ways to drive more users to your website. This guide will highlight the many different methods available and teach you how to drive traffic to your website.

Use Google My Business

Google My Business is great for driving traffic to your site. A listing will show Google more information about your business and what your business has to offer. A complete listing will help consumers to glean more information about your business. It will also help you to rank higher in search results. Studies show that a fully optimized listing leads to seven times the traffic as an incomplete listing. This is a large number, and creating a listing is easy and takes very little time. This is one of the simplest methods of driving more traffic to your website.

Target keywords that have low competition

Performing on-page SEO is difficult; the key is knowing exactly what keywords to fight for so as to not create unnecessary work. One easy method to follow is to go after high-volume low-competition words. These are keywords that are being heavily searched on Google, but not many businesses are currently fighting for them. The two metrics to look for are volume and difficulty. Volume is the overall number of times the word is searched on Google for a specific time period. Difficulty is how difficult it will be to obtain the keyword from your competition. Obtaining low competition keywords will put your site on the map and will help in gaining harder keywords in the future.

Use Guest Posts to Your Advantage

Guest posts are articles written on other domains, which link to your website. This will help increase your domain’s authority and increase referral traffic at the same time. If a domain links your website, Google sees that domain as trusting your website, and this, in turn, helps to show your domain is trusted by others. Google will then show your domain higher in results, as it is trusted by others. Guest posts are great for just linking to your domain or promoting a product or service that your business has to offer. Many blogs are inundated with requests for guest posts, so it may be wise to write your own content and then submit it to blogs. This will reduce the work for the blog, and they may be more willing to accept content on your business.

Social Media Is Great for All Businesses

Social media platforms are great for showcasing what your business has to offer. Groups are great for interacting with others that share the same interests and may be in the same space as your business. Groups are also great for sharing content, ideas, and reviews. Being an active member of these groups is difficult, as it takes a lot of time. However, it will prove beneficial to your business. Becoming an expert in these groups will verify that you have extensive knowledge, and others will be more likely to go to your website when they see you as someone they can trust.

Podcasts Are Your Friend

51% of people have listened to a podcast. With over 750,000 different podcasts out there, there is destined to be more than one that relates to your business. Advertising on a podcast that relates directly to what your business has to offer is a great way to bring users to your site. The listeners are already interested in what you have to offer as they are coming to the podcast for information on the industry your business is in. Being a guest in a podcast will give you uninterrupted access to the audience, and this will give you the time to promote what your business has to offer and why consumers should choose it over your competition.

Create relationships with other brands

Your business has the opportunity to collaborate with many other companies and use their audience to your advantage. There are many businesses out there that share a similar audience to yours, but you are not competing for their business. It is wise to team up with these other businesses to tap into the untouched consumer base. This will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and others and will help to drive their consumers to your website to fulfill their needs.

Use YouTube

YouTube is a platform for creators and video makers to share their work. Creating videos for YouTube will help to show your business to even more consumers. Users use the platform for everything from news to how-to videos. Creating how-to videos on a widely known topic will help your video to be seen by many consumers and drive traffic to your site. If your video provides relevant and needed information, users are likely to go to your website to find more information, and they, in turn, are likely to make a purchase since they are already on your site. YouTube videos also help with search results as YouTube is also owned by Google, and videos are widely shown in results.


Driving traffic to your site can be difficult. This guide dove into seven of the top methods of bringing more users to your website. However, there are so many more. Determining the best method for your business is difficult; let the experts help you increase traffic to your website today. Schedule a consultation today. 


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