Shake Up Your Facebook Ads and Win the Ultimate Popularity Contest!

Facebook Targeting Ads

Since Mark Zuckerberg recoined the word “friend” as a verb, Facebook ads have been an integral part of marketing campaigns. The exploding popularity of this public platform is due to its ability to zero in on the exact demographic a brand aims to appeal to.

There are easy, inexpensive ways to utilize Facebook ads for ultimate benefits. These few tips will guarantee a boost in any ad’s ROI (return on investment). Whether you have been a Facebooker since its beginning or are new to the game, the following pointers will up your game in immediate returns. You’re welcome!

1. Serve Up Products For Your Customers

Because they are already with you, pinpoint your target on your existing customers first. The more relevant an ad is to your base audience, the more likely they are to click into action.

Use Facebook’s own built-in custom audience tool to compile an exclusive list of email addresses or phone numbers that will receive your ads. This is a strategy that’s so simple and logical that you’ll wonder why you haven’t planned to campaign this way before, especially when you see your ROI data doing somersaults.

Along with your custom audiences, your fans are the next target. They already showed an interest, so allowing them to slip into the unknown is an unforgivable marketing folly. Engaging your Facebook friends has proven by experiment to increase revenue more than 35 times that of non-friends. Your brands’ sales will soar with data of that magnitude. They already like you, so there is no need to search for leads – they’re built right in!

2. Learning To Share

Now that you know who your ad needs to be seen by, it’s time to talk about two major factors of determining their effectiveness.

Post engagement and relevance score are the report cards of your Facebook education. These two go together, so follow along in this class!

Post engagement is the number of likes, shares and comments your ad gets. If you’re getting a lot of engagement, Facebook takes notice. Facebook shares its gold star sticker of appreciation by choosing you for news feeds and publicity spots.

So, how do you increase post engagement? Get friends to share your posts. What is the number one reason posts are shared? A post that promotes interest will make recipients want to share the wealth. Creative content through images and ad copy will increase the likelihood of shares.

Relevance Score is a combination of both parts.

On one side, you’ve got your ad’s text and images. On the other, you’ve got your audience, with all their likes and habits. When you put them together, you get the relevance score — the content you’re promoting to a selected audience.

Of course, the more custom-designed and well-written your ad is to whoever you’re targeting it to, the higher your relevance score will be.


– Create catchy titles

– Design call-to-action buttons

– Reach your campaign goals. Whether its clicks or likes, your ad achievements will raise its ranking.

– Tweak new images and texts often, and see how your audience responds

– Because Facebook is not the place to leave well enough alone — change it up!

3. Discover All the Gifts Facebook Gives You

Facebook has efficient tools built right into their platform, but many don’t take full advantage of them. Learn to use the updated Ads Manager when you run Facebook ads for your business.

It will help you:

– Create ads in less time

– Optimize better

– Choose more specific target demographics.

Professional marketers use these tools to deliver highly targeted ads, and it’s not difficult to learn. Give yourself a leg up on the competition. Start from the beginning and go through all the creativity-enhancing options.

4. Give Them A Place To Land

Facebook origins are based on interconnected relationships. So, its design encourages every click and like to expand its users’ social circle. Facebook ads can get shut down for not engaging in this ideal.

Simply put, if you’re not taking your audience somewhere, you’ll go nowhere. Landing pages must be prominent and visible for Facebook to allow you to post them.

On the other hand, if you lead your prospects somewhere, they don’t recognize, that’s an issue too. So, you may be tempted to pile a bunch of links on one ad. However, landing pages will not engage an audience that ends up in an unfamiliar place.

The colors, images or heading of your landing page must align with your ad content.

Because of the need for the familiar in wording or design, website home pages are almost never the correct link for an ad. Design every ad with the concept of commonality in mind. Test ads carefully before rolling them out to make sure your landing pages share and don’t scare. It is not only the best way to have a Facebook advertisement stay posted, but it is one of the main objectives of a good marketing philosophy. Give the people what they expect!

5. Let Facebook Work Its Magic

There is no platform with as many targeting tools as Facebook. So, why not let them do the demographic profiling for you? Audience Insights can narrow down your search for leads by age, household size, and location. It also gives you a clear format of what common denominators your existing base has. If you haven’t narrowed down your target audience for your Facebook ads, this is the perfect place to start.

Another tool that can locate ideal leads is a Graph Search. You can find people, posts, and pages that are related to your keyword phrases. It’s a great way to discover more targeting options for your ads.

Get the most out of your Facebook ad budget! You’ll be gifted a wider pool of leads with a little attention to detail and patience. Utilize the tools and benefits no other marketing platform can claim, and watch the many happy returns. We are always available for a chat on how you can optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us for expert advice and great insights anytime!

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