Scheduling Content While You’re Away

If your summertime schedule includes a break from work, you’ve got a little planning to do. How will you handle scheduling content while you’re away? Here are a few ways to maintain this portion of your marketing strategy while you’re out of the office.

Create a Calendar
There’s no need to put your marketing efforts on hold while you take a break. Well before your getaway, think about how your brand can stay active with minimal involvement, and then develop a game plan. Use a content calendar to organize and create your work several weeks in advance.

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time
Once content is in hand, you can automate your posting schedule, even if it’s still weeks away. A number of apps can help with social media management. If you set up a consistent posting schedule and provide quality content throughout your time off, your readers may not even notice you’re gone.

Delegate Responsibility
If you have staff on deck to keep the business running, you can assign some of the responsibility. Or you can opt to bring in a hired hand, such as a social media manager who can stay engaged with your audience when you’re unavailable. Interested in hosting a guest blogger? Your time away could be the perfect opportunity to give readers a change of pace.

Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to let your readers know you’re on hiatus even if the blog and social posts aren’t. Leaving a creative out-of-office reply is one memorable way to handle it.

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