Relationship Between Social Media and Website Traffic

If you have gone to the effort to set up a website it is clear that you want as many eyes looking at it as possible.

For this reason, digital marketing has not only become lucrative for those providing the service but an essential need for any person who owns a business or wishes to promote their personal blog.

One of the pillars of any digital marketing strategy is social media. Not using it to drive website traffic would be like not adding toppings to a pizza. Still edible, but in no way as appealing as it could be.

So what is the relationship between social media and website traffic, and how can you use it for your benefit. Let’s find out.

Social Media Is Where Your Audience Is

A smart fisherman goes where the fish are if he wants to guarantee a good catch.

The same applies to marketing of any kind, you need to go where the people are. So with over 50% of the world’s population on social media, you can understand why getting a bite in this part of the water is so effective.

Whether it is to kill time, or eagerly wanting to share the latest good news to our nearest and dearest, the average person is giving about 144 minutes of their day to social media outlets.

Knowing these facts is reason enough to take having a social media strategy very seriously. So how can you leverage this information to your benefit?

How to Use Social Media to Drive Website Traffic

When it comes to using social media, connecting with people’s emotions is the name of the game. Sharing is caring, therefore if you get people to care about your content they will do your marketing for you.

The best way to find out what people care about is by doing keyword research. People search differently on social media than they do on the web, so don’t rely on the same SEO keywords you have used for your website or blogs and do specific research.

Once you are ready to produce that killer content, learn how to play the game by finding out the optimum time to post and post consistently.

There is no need to place all of your eggs in one basket either. Make it manageable by using tools like BuzzSumo to focus only on platforms that your target customers are using. This way you save time in managing profiles that don’t serve you much purpose.

Lastly, remember that the way we use social media is interactive.

In fact, at least 34% of people prefer turning to social media for support when facing a customer service problem than shooting you an email or picking up the phone. So if you are in constant dialogue with your followers by replying regularly this interaction can only result in more eyes where you want them, on your website.

A Relationship That Is Only Getting Stronger

Increasing your website traffic is a priority for any business, therefore, using social media to the full should be a no brainer. They are directly linked and this won’t be changing any time soon.

Be sure to implement our social media tips if you want to see your traffic go through the roof. However, if you need more guidance on how your brand can go the extra mile in reaching more customers, we at APS Central have years of experience in getting it right again and again.

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