Marketing on LinkedIn or Facebook: Which is Better?

With so many social media platforms these days, determining the best option for your business can be a full-time job. This guide will dive deep into two of the leading social media platforms that companies use for marketing and advertising. LinkedIn and Facebook are two social networks that look very similar, but they operate very differently. Facebook is great for sharing old high school pictures and connecting with old friends. But it boasts much more than that with its wide array of ads and targeting options. We will also dive into LinkedIn, which is more known for being the social network for professionals. Facebook and LinkedIn are both great options when it comes to marketing and advertising. However, if you determine what your goal is first, you can ensure you are spending your time and money efficiently. This guide will take you through the opportunities of both platforms.

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was initially created to be a workforce recruitment network. The goal was and still is to bring employers and potential employees together in one place. However, it has evolved into much more than the hiring platform from its early days. LinkedIn now employs specific and high-level targeting abilities to help show your company’s product or service to more consumers than ever before.

Target Businesses

Users can target based on almost any aspect they can think of, from title to seniority and more. Over 610 million members are using LinkedIn, most of which are businesses and professionals. This is an excellent option if your company hopes to reach more businesses.

Ad Options

As far as the types of supported ads, LinkedIn used to fall behind due to its limited options. Now, this professional powerhouse supports a myriad of ad types, from sponsored content to dynamic and programmatic display ads.

LinkedIn now also offers mobile-specific ads. Nearly 80% of LinkedIn users access the platform from their mobile devices, making the mobile market essential to tap into. LinkedIn now supports mobile-optimized ads to be sure content is relevant to the way it is being viewed. Companies can also use their LinkedIn InMail feature to deliver ads straight to user inboxes. This is great for companies that want their content to be seen as friendly and not as an advertisement. InMail ads show as messages and have a small description that identifies they are sponsored content.

User Engagement

We also have to consider how people spend their time on LinkedIn. Users on this platform spend an average of 17 minutes per month on the platform. This means that your messages must be very compelling to viewers or you run the risk of a lower ROI. Luckily, LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool for B2B marketers. LinkedIn users are more likely to have a buying mindset. They are more likely to click if they believe your product or service will improve their business in some way. Considering that 90 million senior-level influencers and 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn, the value of LinkedIn becomes much more clear.

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook has been around since the early 2000s and is known for its utility in connecting with friends and sharing news and photos. So why should you use it for advertising your business?

Target Consumers

Advertising on Facebook gives you access to almost one-third of the world’s population. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has a much larger and more diverse user base. Your potential reach is far more vast than through LinkedIn, making it the obvious choice for B2C marketers.

Ad Options

Most users spend their time on Facebook scrolling through their feed. Because of this, targeted content, including videos, carousel ads, and sponsored posts, have a strong potential to reach more users. Over 1 billion users access Facebook solely through their mobile devices. At least half of Facebook users log in multiple times per day and average 35 minutes per day browsing content. Mobile-optimized content is proven to gain more clicks and views, improving the chances viewers will become customers.

Free Advertising

Beyond buying ad space, Facebook is a great way to deliver your message to your audience through word-of-mouth and recommendations. Connections on Facebook are more meaningful, as they include more close friends and family.

Because of this, your content has the potential to reach a vast audience through Facebook’s “share” function. People tend to support businesses that their friends use and trust. Sponsored posts that are compelling can give your company that extra push that could mean a lot more sales.

Which is better?

Each business is unique, so which social network is the best option for your marketing and advertising efforts? Simply answer these questions:

  • What is the goal of this campaign?
  • What type of users do you need to reach: businesses or consumers?
  • Would your business benefit from using a conjunction of social media platforms?

As two of the leading social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn are both great options for delivering your content to the users who need it most. Contact us today for more advice on social media marketing!

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