Leading the Way: How to Build Trust With Your Prospects

Trust is essential to converting leads, and yet, only 19% of customers trust salespeople.

Think of all those wasted leads and sales calls gone wrong. Chances are, knowing how to build trust with your prospects is what you’ve been missing.

Humans are wired to trust each other, and you just have to tap into that connection to boost your success rates and ROI.

Keep reading to learn how to build trust with your customers and prospects.

Empathize, Empathize, Empathize

Your prospects are people with their own lives and problems – not just money spenders.

Any successful salesperson knows that the product or service they’re selling solves a problem for people. Tapping into that problem and empathizing with it is the first step in building trust.

Prospects want to know that you care and that you understand them. The best way to do this is to develop your listening skills and make them feel heard. This is essential to convert leads to customers.

Build Your Credibility

Another tip for building trust is to build your credibility. No one wants to buy from someone without the right authority, knowledge, or experience.

Showcasing your credibility is how you get people to trust you not just as a person, but as a professional. The best way to do this is to obtain several reviews and testimonials or develop an impressive portfolio.

Studies show that in this day and age, more than 93% of people rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions.

Be Yourself

It might come as a surprise, but prospects live for the connections in their life same as anyone else. This is one reason why being yourself and having character helps build trust with your prospects.

While you should retain your professionalism, the conversation shouldn’t only focus on the sale at hand. Sales reps who focus too much on pushing the sale come across as emotionless robots.

Successful businesses build relationships with their customers and prospects, and relationships go two ways. Showing that you’re a person makes people more willing to form that relationship and purchase from you.

Body Language Can Make or Kill a Sale

If you’re meeting with your prospects in person, body language can be the secret killer. Humans subconsciously pick up on each other’s non-verbal queues. These queues tell others how you feel about them and the situation, and therefore, affects how they perceive you.

When making a sale, be sure to avoid crossing your arms or fidgeting. These motions signal anger and discomfort.

It’s also best to acknowledge your prospect’s words by nodding occasionally and making eye contact. This contributes to step one by making them feel heard.

Build Trust With Your Prospects and Increase Sales

If you know how to build trust with your prospects, you’re well on your way to increasing sales and ROI.

Building trust makes leads more comfortable with you and significantly increases the chance of converting them to customers. Great ways to build trust include practicing empathy, building your credibility, being genuine, and keeping an eye on your body language.

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