Lead Generation: How to Attract Your Prospects Through Content Marketing

You have a great product to offer, but do people know it exists? Learn how to attract your prospects and generate leads through content marketing here.

Are you struggling with lead generation?

Content marketing has become crucial to lead generation strategies. No other marketing method comes close to how content marketing entices your audience. But if you’re new to content marketing, you might not know where to start.

Don’t worry! Read on for our guide on how to generate leads through content marketing.

Market Research

Your market research should show you the audiences you can reach. It should also give you insight into what content marketing strategies to use to draw them in.

By finding out and answering your audiences’ questions you build your brand. You can set yourself up as an industry authority, and build a trusting relationship. Over time, you’ll have a loyal audience that keeps coming back time and again.

Make Your Content

Lead generation content marketing uses content that’s aimed at converting users into leads. These pieces are usually high-quality resources that you’re giving away for free. You may see them referred to lead magnets.

The only exchange is you’re getting someone’s email address and contact information. People won’t want to give their email addresses out to companies and people they don’t know. So to get it, you need to give them a good reason to hand it over.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best content types for lead generation. Pick a few that you feel suit your company best, and use them for your lead magnets.

Free Webinars

Hosting free webinars are a low-cost way to get your expertise out there. Pick a topic that your target audience wants to learn more about — refer to your research. Then host a webinar on it where you explain all.

eBooks & Reports

Alongside your webinars, offer a free ebook or report. Again, focus on topics your target audience want to know more about. Don’t skimp on the detail. Your content needs to high-quality to get people to come back.

Convert with Your Landing Page

Your landing page should start with an eye-catching headline. You want to have a killer opening that hooks the reader in, then keep building that interest as you go down the page.

To get qualified leads, you need to hook people in with something a little deeper than a few pretty pictures. Keep your landing pages relevant to your users and put there needs first. This is how you’ll generate more qualified leads.

Use Social Media to Amp Up Your Content

It might be the dream to have every online user reading or watching your content, but it’s not reality. This is where social media marketing (SMM) comes in to help your content marketing.

Social media platforms usher you into places where your target audience hangs out. Once you’ve found out what platforms your audience prefers, you introduce your content.

Content Marketing That Works

Successful content marketing relies on good intelligence being used intelligently. Do youy market research, find your content niche and get your content out there.

If you want to give your marketing a boost, contact APS Marketing today for a free consultation. With 40 years in the business we are experts in creating a brand experience that lasts. We can provide what you need, when you need it to get the marketing returns you deserve.

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