Lead Generation: Email Marketing Campaign

What is email marketing’s role in lead generation?. Learn how to launch a lead generation email marketing campaign here.

At least 31% of B2B marketers agree that email marketing is the best way to nurture leads. Though it’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, emails let you reach your prospects in a personal way.

But what is email marketing? How can it help me grow my leads? If you’re starting from step one, it’ important to understand that email marketing should be a conversation.

Instead of delivering endless information, pay attention to what your audience wants to know and provide answers promptly. When done correctly, email marketing can help move your leads to conversions and even brand advocates.

Set up Automated Emails

Some of the best email marketing campaign examples include automated emails. This means that you’re communicating with your leads as soon as they perform an action.

Let’s say your lead already downloaded a whitepaper or guide from your website. To help move them toward a new action, you should be tracking those downloads to send an email to everyone who clicks. Your email should relate to the content they’ve already read and include a clear next call to action.

Through automated emails, you can make sure you’re continuing a conversation with your leads without putting as much effort into manually reaching out.

Segment Emails According to Behavior

The best email marketing campaigns also personalize content as much as possible. Segmenting your audiences is one of the easiest ways to improve email marketing and make your content more specific. As many as 70% of millennials agree that they’re frustrated when brands send irrelevant emails.

You may have leads that don’t interact often and some who are opening your emails and downloading as much content as possible. Segmenting your audience between active and inactive lets you tailor your content and keep as many leads as possible.

The users who aren’t as active may get exhausted with too much content. You could risk losing them as subscribers if you aren’t careful. Instead, focus your campaigns on the most important information, while you can deliver more to active leads.

Establish an Email Cadence

Moving your leads to conversion means continual messaging. Keep in mind you need to strike a balance between enough content but not too much to turn your leads away.

The best way to set up your cadence is to understand your audiences. If you’ve already segmented your audience, you may have a different cadence for each group.

Some users might be actively seeking as much information as possible, while others may just need reminders to continue visiting your site and resources. No matter what, make sure your cadence is consistent.

What is Email Marketing? Digital Marketing You Need

So, what is email marketing? Instead of a one-way channel, it’s one of the best tools you have for ongoing conversations. In terms of digital marketing, it’s one of the best options you have to grow and nurture leads.

As you build your email marketing strategy, be sure to continually evaluate and optimize. Your data can tell you how people interact with your emails. Updating your content based on your data is the same as listening.

Contact APS Marketing Group to help build your email marketing processes. We’ll make sure you’re digital efforts are cohesive across all platforms.

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