Lead Generation: Different Tools to Foster Your Prospects

To build a strong product, you need the right toolbox. Learn about the different tools to foster your prospects to build a winning lead generation strategy.

Lead generation is one of the most powerful tools in a B2B marketing toolbox. In fact, a whopping 68% of businesses use strategic landing pages in order to capture leads. Email marketing is the top lead generation strategy, followed by event marketing, and content marketing.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just add a pop-up to your website and ask visitors to leave their email address. What you offer in return matters. Users need to feel like they’re getting something valuable in exchange for their email.

Once you have your leads, you need to have a strategy in place to nurture them, build trust, and convert them into paying customers. You can do this by using lead generation tools and software.

We put together a list of the best, most effective lead generation tools for your business that actually bring results.


OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation tools on the market today. It’s a complex platform for lead capturing, creating opt-in magnets, and managing your leads.

You can integrate all other marketing and lead generation tools you’re using so you can always keep track of your leads and move them through your sales funnel.

With OptinMonster, you can set different targeting rules for all your campaigns based on location, devices, activity on page, and exit intent.


If you’re looking for lead generation free tools, Sumo is one of the most popular choices for B2B businesses. You can use it for lead capturing by adding pop-ups and full-page welcome mats, as well as floating social share bars.

With Sumo, you can also capture leads on your mobile website, no matter what device visitors come from. You can use Sumo’s heatmap to see where your website visitors click so you offer relevant content for their needs in the future.


Intercom is a chatbot and live chat software great for capturing leads quickly. When a visitor uses the chatbot on your website, you can ask them to leave their email address so you can reply to their request. Intercom allows you to customize the messages and bot actions so you can capture leads at every stage of the customer journey.


Pardot by Salesforce is one of the best b2b lead generation tools that doubles as a marketing automation tool. With Pardot, you can track all your lead generation and digital marketing efforts from one robust platform.

Pardot offers lead tracking, lead nurturing, lead grading, detailed segmentation, landing pages, email automation, and ROI reporting. If you want to be sure you’re getting the best leads that are easy to convert into paying customers, Pardot is the platform for you.

Which of These Lead Generation Tools Have You Tried?

Whether you’re new to capturing leads or have some experience with it, these lead generation tools will help you improve your conversion rates, boost sales, and attract new potential customers.

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