How will the Meta updates to Facebook affect your business profiles?

Over recent months, Facebook has undergone many changes. And while these changes have been significant, they’re not all bad! For example, since their announcement of Meta in October 2021, Facebook has released general updates to all three apps (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger). These updates include restructured sections for business owners who use them as marketing platforms or waypoints to engage with their content from various sources.

The new Meta features will help business owners connect more with their customers by creating an environment where they can share updates in one place rather than across different apps or on third-party sites like Twitter.

These latest alterations include refreshed algorithms that prioritize posts based on what your audience will find engaging, rather than simply delivering you advertisements at every turn! But what does this mean for business owners who use these platforms for marketing their products and interacting with their communities?

Let’s take a look.

Meta Business Suite

Business owners will be excited about the new Meta Business Suite. This suite is not that much different from the previous iteration — the Facebook Business Suite. Still, it’s been updated for all of your social media needs! You can now manage multiple accounts in one convenient place, which makes marketing more accessible than ever before- especially if you’re juggling everything yourself or have assistants who don’t know how to work every little button on each site individually (we’ve seen it happen!).

Here are the main features of the Meta Business Suite:

Desktop and Mobile Views
The Meta Business Suite offers apps for both desktop and mobile views so that you can manage your business from any device you want.

Home View
The home screen provides an overview of your business’s Facebook Page(s) and your Instagram account(s). In the overviews, you can see recent updates, posts, ads, and insights for all of your accounts.

Activity View
Your Meta Business Suite will show recent activity and notifications for both your Facebook and Instagram accounts for easy viewing.

Unified Inbox

This suite allows you to read and reply to any messages or comments on your Meta applications (like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) in one unified inbox.

Additionally, the Meta Business Suite allows you to create automated responses to have faster replies to the members of your community.

Ability to Post
The Meta Business Manager gives you the ability to create new posts and stories for your Facebook and Instagram accounts without switching between them.

You can also create scheduled posts to create a post when you are most creative and upload it when your community is most active to achieve the best results.

Access Commerce Manager
The Meta Business Suite (desktop view) gives you easy access to your Commerce Account so you can easily keep track of your business’s commerce.

Ad Creation
In the new Meta Business Manager Suite, you can create ads or boost a post for your business and post them on Facebook and Instagram.

This can help your business reach new audiences and get more people to engage with your content.

Like all worthwhile business suites, the Meta Business Suite allows you to easily view and track insights, trends, and how individual posts are performing.

With these insights, you can easily and quickly see what is performing well and what types of content are the most engaging for your Facebook and Instagram audiences.

More Tools
With the new Meta Business Suite’s desktop view, you can easily access crucial business running tools such as Ads Manager, Commerce Manager, Page Settings, and Business Settings.

Assigning Roles
The Meta Business Suite still offers options for sharing and limiting access to certain parts of your business accounts with “assigning roles” — just like in Business Manager.

Essentially, the goal of the Meta Business Manager is to make managing both your Facebook Page and your Instagram account more streamlined. This ease of use lets you manage your business’s online presence more easily.

The new Meta updates will automatically switch you to the new Meta Business Suite. Still, you can switch back to the Business Manager if you prefer that view.

Meta Business Manager

The Meta Business Suite is meant to upgrade and replace the older Business Manager interface. However, you can still use the previous version if you’re happy with how things are set up. While Meta Business Manager does not offer as many features as the new suite, you can switch your interface back to Business Manager from Meta Business Suite by following these steps: desktop and mobile.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a business owner who is currently using Facebook or Instagram for marketing, don’t worry – the Meta updates will not pose many complex challenges for you. The most significant update with the Meta Business Suite is essentially just a re-naming of the previous “Facebook Business Suite.” So if you have been using that interface, you should be able to transition over easily. In addition, the Meta Business Suite offers many new features that can help expand your business’s online presence, so be sure to check it out!

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