How to rank higher on Google Maps and benefit from a Google My Business listing


Google maps is an excellent medium for businesses to market to local consumers and be publicized, where people can choose where to shop based on ratings and other customer reviews. Google My Business allows businesses to interact with consumers throughout the country. By using Google My Business, you will receive reviews and can respond to them. You can also post relevant and interesting information about your business. Google Maps and Google My Business are great tools to augment your marketing efforts.

Tips for Ranking Higher on Google Maps:

Complete your Google My Business listing –

Your Google My Business listing directly interacts and functions with your Google Maps ranking. Be sure to complete your Google My Business listing thoroughly. Google intends to help consumers find the business best suited for their needs. So, it aims to show the most information possible on a business. A detailed listing promotes your business and makes it more visible to consumers through Google. Some vital information that should be included is your business’s phone number, website, hours, and reviews. These are just a few of the ever-essential details used to show your business on Google.

Use a local phone number –

Like any search engine, Google does not favor toll-free or 800 phone numbers. Why? These numbers are commonly associated with spam, and Google is aiming to prevent spam from being shown to its users. A local phone number for your business will be a great help in showing it to more and more consumers.

Optimize your description listing –

Like many other online and social platforms, Google maps has a limit on the number of characters for its description. It is of utter importance to use local SEO keywords in your description to rank higher in Google searches. These terms will show Google that your business is operating in your local area, and it is a top choice for consumers. Using terms like the city your business is in or the main product you offer in the description will help to have your business rank higher in searches and lead to more consumers frequenting your business.

Benefits of a Google My Business Listing:

Gain consumer trust – 

Consumers are quick to write off the credibility of a business, but if the business is on Google My Business, consumers are more likely to shop there. This is due to the stringent guidelines Google has in place before accepting businesses on its My Business platform. Businesses must pass several levels of verification to join the platform and have their business shown to consumers on Google. Having your business on Google will help to convey an image of trust to consumers because Google has given its seal of approval to be on their sites. Studies show that if a business is shown on Google, it is 2.7 times more likely to be trusted by consumers.

Increase overall appeal –

With a Google My Business listing comes the addition of customer reviews. This provides a platform for consumers to leave honest, truthful reviews on their experience with your business. This will help to show other consumers what your business has to offer and what to expect when they go to your business. If consumers give enough reviews, a star system begins to show on Google. Stars are seen under search results for your business and help to show consumers that your business is top notch and can offer what is needed to satisfy their needs. The stars greatly help in bringing in more consumers because they are out in the open and will be easily seen in any search results related to your business.

Increased traffic and sales – 

Having a Google My Business listing will help you to advertise your local business to consumers and display what you have to offer. Studies show that consumers are close to 70% more likely to frequent a business if it has a listing and is shown in local search results. A much higher number to focus on is 50%. That is, consumers are 50% more likely to purchase something if they find your business through a Google My Business listing. This is a further reason for you to have an updated and SEO-ready Google My Business listing. Studies show that a correctly set up and categorized listing leads to more consumers seeing your business and, subsequently, increased sales.

Our Thoughts:    

Google Maps and Google My Business are great tools to take your business’ marketing efforts to another level. Google Maps helps to show consumers in your area what your business has to offer and how easy it is to access. Meanwhile, Google My Business provides a platform for consumers to leave reviews and write about their experiences with your business. Both of these platforms bring your business into the eye of more and more consumers and drive more sales. However, setting up and properly using these platforms to your advantage can take substantial amounts of time and require a specific type of expertise. This is where we come in. Let us help you get more consumers to see your business and create more sales than you ever thought possible.


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