How to Combine SEO and Social Media for Small Businesses

SEO and social media are two of the more important marketing tactics in the 2020s. As a small business owner, it’s no longer just enough for you to market — even digitally. You have to make use of these indirect, thoroughly contemporary marketing strategies to receive the full benefits of SEO and social media marketing.

But how do you combine the two? How do you get SEO working on your social media platforms? How do you incorporate this dynamic duo into your digital marketing strategy?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through a brief introduction on how to combine SEO with social media.

Encourage Sharing

People spend two and a half hours on social media a day. A lot of that time is spent not generating their own content, but sharing other people’s content.

When you encourage sharing from your website, you increase the presence of your posts. Not only are more people seeing your posts and finding their way to your site, but the image itself is also getting shared in new contexts, which helps boost SEO.

Make Use of Influencer Marketing

The gap between the world of “online” and the “real world” has quickly closed. Now social media celebrities are just as famous and influential as “real celebrities”. Youtuber PewDiePie has over one hundred million people following him; that means that one hundred million people have made a commitment to watch his videos.

When you make use of influencer marketing, you directly access human beings that consumers trust. Their mentioning of your company will drive clicks on your business and, therefore, increase your SEO. If people are talking about your site on the internet, that’ll help too.

Get the Language in Line

As you probably already know, SEO is largely driven by the usage of keywords. However, many people slack and use shorthand on social media. Make sure that the same keywords you use on your website are those that you use on social media platforms.

This goes for video content as well. Add keywords to any sort of description you have to write for a video, and you’re far more likely to soar in the world of SEO.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

By generally gaining more followers on social media, you’ll gain more mentions in text-based content. It’ll also help remind you to use your keywords; you won’t be very motivated if you only have fifty followers. Check out our guide on how to increase social media followers.

Combine SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media are incredibly important in marketing in the modern age. Thankfully, there are ways to combine them. Increasing one will only help you increase the other.

Encourage the sharing of your posts, use influencers, line up your language, and increase your social media presence, and you’re more likely to shine in the world of marketing.

For more information on combining SEO and social media, contact us today.

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