How should you be using Linkedin for your business?

LinkedIn is a great way to network and promote any business. Using LinkedIn should be at the top of the list when it comes to getting your business out there and sharing it with the largest number of consumers possible. There are many uses for LinkedIn beyond just creating a profile and connecting with contacts and acquaintances. Read our 20 ideas on how you can use LinkedIn to increase awareness of your business and drive more sales.

To start with LinkedIn, you need to determine what you are going to use the platform for. You have to decide if you want to hire new employees, provide helpful tips to consumers, create new relationships with other business owners, and more. This is the first step to the future success of your business’s LinkedIn profile. Here are our 20 uses for LinkedIn that will help your business:

  1. Join Groups

LinkedIn boasts members from every business size and industry. Groups are used to bring together members that have mutual interests and are in common industries and sectors. Groups are there for connecting with other business owners and consumers that are interested in that industry and looking for more information on products and where to purchase them.

  1. Participation is Essential

Being an active participant in groups that you have joined will help show members who you are and what your business has to offer. It is vital, however, not to overpost, as this will cause members to discount your posts and overlook them.

  1. Start Your Own Group

Starting your own group will show others that you have extensive knowledge of your industry and are here to help. Being the owner of a group will bring you up through the ranks, and others will go to you for information on your sector. This will help, and as you are an expert, members are more likely to trust your opinion over others.

  1. Search for Events

LinkedIn has a myriad of events for everything both professional and non-professional. Events are both in-person and virtual; attending these events will help you create more relationships with other business owners and consumers.

  1. Use a Company Page for Your Business

It is possible to use your personal page to promote your business, but a sole company page is much more effective. A company page allows you to showcase what your company has to offer, and you can create promotions directly from this page.

  1. Use Enticing Graphics

Images are of utter importance when it comes to standing out on LinkedIn. As the platform is incredibly text heavy, an image that stands out and draws attention to your page will help to secure more consumers to your company’s page.

  1. Use LinkedIn for Blogs

Using LinkedIn to promote blog posts on your company website is a great tool to drive traffic. Posting about blogs will help to show consumers what your company is doing and what it can do for them. Displaying them will provide a natural medium to bring consumers straight to your website.

  1. Don’t Forget about SEO

LinkedIn is generally found via a google search. Keeping headlines and posts consistent with your keywords is key to the success of your page. Displaying your keywords throughout your page and posts will help to drive more and more traffic to your page.

  1. Endorsements are Important

Studies have shown that positive endorsements on LinkedIn directly relate to purchase decisions. Having many positive endorsements on your page will help to show consumers that what you have to offer can be trusted and is of the highest quality. Providing endorsements for others is a good thing to do as it helps to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Show What You Have

Showing consumers previous examples of your work is much greater than telling them about it. Your company page should showcase past work that you have completed with pictures, excerpts, and more. Showing what you have done is a more effective method of obtaining consumers than telling them what your company has done in the past.

  1. Use The Correct Categories

LinkedIn allows your company to have up to 20 categories on your company profile. Make sure to include everything that your company does, offers, or is associated with. No matter how large or small, categories will help bring your profile to the eyes of more consumers.

  1. Have a Goal That You Want To Achieve

Having a goal when going into LinkedIn is extremely important. Your goal can range from increasing sales to obtaining more followers for your social media and more. Having a clear and concise goal will help you focus on what is essential for your page and what you need to do to have it be effective.

  1. Use Pictures

Studies have shown that posts that include pictures perform much better than those that only contain text. Pictures help draw attention to your post and will help create more engagements.

  1. Use Showcases to Your Advantage

Showcases allow you to highlight certain aspects of your business that you feel need to be seen more by others. These spotlights are used for everything from showcasing your newest products and services to a hiring campaign. Showcases are great for bringing specific things into the spotlight that you want to stand out.

  1. Finish What You Started

Having a complete profile is for the best. An incomplete profile will convey the message to others that you are not reliable and cannot follow through with things. Making sure that every small part of your profile is complete is key to making it the best it can be.

  1. Build Connections Not Leads

Having many connections will help to create strong relationships with others. They will look back on this relationship and are more likely to go to your business for their needs, as they have a more personal connection with you.

  1. Don’t Wait For People to Come to You

LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users. They all have different interests and needs. Being proactive and finding your niche is essential, as this will allow your company to reach out to consumers who are interested in the sector you are in and the products and services your company has to offer.

  1. Be A Source Of Knowledge

Having the reputation of being an expert in your field on LinkedIn is something to strive for. Having extensive knowledge will show consumers that your company is knowledgeable about the sector you are in and the products it has to offer. Showcase your expertise in posts and discussions to further show consumers who you are and what you can offer them.

  1. Premium is Worth It

A premium account on LinkedIn is an investment, but it will generate a significant ROI if used correctly. One of the main features of a premium account is the ability to message consumers that are not directly within your network. This is a great tool to add to the success of your current marketing efforts.

  1. Understand The Calendar

Everyone works on a different schedule, knowing when to interact with your audience is key to success. Focus on posting when you know your audience will be active, and this will translate to more engagements and visits to your page.

Our Final thoughts

Linkedin is a great way to interact with consumers and other business owners to create everlasting mutually beneficial relationships. It is crucial to keep in mind what you are using LinkedIn for and to strive towards this goal. Navigating LinkedIn and its many uses can be complicated and time-consuming. Let the experts take the time to determine what is best for your business. Schedule a consultation and see what we can do to make your LinkedIn page great!

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