Goodbye, 2020: How to Generate Leads and Conversions in 2021

2020 has been a whirlwind, presenting new challenges to business owners everywhere. We had to develop new tactics, new marketing campaigns, and a new attitude to get through.

But what is 2021 going to bring to the table?

While the future is uncertain, we’re developing new strategies to figure out how to generate leads and conversions in 2021, and we think we’ve got a few winners to share.

Are you nervous about lead generation in the new year? We want to help. Keep reading for our top lead generation strategies that you’re going to want to use in 2021.

Don’t Rely on In-Person Events

In-person networking has been a huge boon to businesses in the past, but if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that big networking events are a thing of the past and distant future.

While they may come back in 2021, it’s time to strategize without them in mind.

Instead, see what you can do digitally. Digital events via Zoom have been growing in popularity and, when done right, they can be an effective tool.

You’ll also have to rely on smaller-scale networking in your own area.

Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

Many businesses slack on social media due to successful lead generation tactics elsewhere.

With people stuck primarily in their homes and local areas, many of whom are still avoiding excess visits outside or spending, you need to increase your social media presence to keep up.

See where your target demographic spends their time and use this information to allocate effort in those areas.

Instagram has given businesses a ton of reach for younger people, for example. Its easy-to-use tagging system can let you tap into the market that wants your product or service locally or worldwide.

Optimize Your Website

Let’s face it, many businesses (especially those that don’t have online stores) are lacking in the website department. Why get a beautiful and optimized website when you aren’t focused on online sales?

An SEO optimized website allows you to show up higher in Google searches. This means that people in your local area will see you before they see other businesses in your niche.

Part of this SEO optimization is content creation. Blog posts that are informative and valuable to your potential customers are going to lead more people to your website (and thus, turn them into actual customers).

Write (or have someone else write) content about your niche that can answer questions that your future customers may have. When your website comes up as a resource, more people will be driven to curiosity about what it is that you do.

How to Generate Leads and Conversions In 2021: We’re Going Digital

Don’t rely on the lead generation strategies that served you well in the past. Learning how to generate leads and conversions in 2021 is going to be a lot of trial and error in committing to the digital age of marketing.

Are you worried about your online lead generation? Let our experts help you out. Visit our site and contact us to learn about how we can evaluate and adjust your marketing strategy and get you the conversions that you’re looking for.

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