Do You Want to Get More Leads on LinkedIn?

Are you using LinkedIn with your current marketing strategy? If not, you should definitely consider it.

LinkedIn now hosts over 690 million users worldwide. With such a large reach and an active pool of users, you’d think that most businesses would be using it regularly to market their brand and get more leads.

Surprisingly, though, this isn’t the case. Maybe it’s because, at a glance, the platform might seem too formal to appeal to certain target markets. Or perhaps the setup doesn’t make it seem like the best outlet for generating new leads.

Despite these misconceptions, LinkedIn carries a ton of potential for lead generation. It’s also growing as a platform, so now is a great time to strike while the iron is hot.

Keep reading to learn how you can use LinkedIn to get more leads.

Connect with Anyone

One of the biggest misconceptions about LinkedIn is that you can only connect with people you know. If you’re trying to get more leads, then this can seem like a major disqualifier.

However, this assumption simply isn’t accurate. Like other social media platforms, you can reach anyone with LinkedIn and target your marketing efforts accordingly. Plus, with specific filters, you can reach more of the people you’re aiming to reach.

Create Useful Content

LinkedIn is a great tool for content marketing because it allows you to post informative content that is relevant to your industry.

By publishing useful, informative articles, you are able to attract not only those who are looking for posts on your topic, but potentially that person’s professional network as well. This is because users can share your posts to their own feeds if they like your content.

Target Your Demographic

LinkedIn provides a wealth of tools to reach your targeted demographic and get more leads. Unlike other social media platforms, you’re not limited to basic information, such as listed interests and geographic location.

You’ll still get these details with LinkedIn, of course, but the platform takes it a step further. With the filters on LinkedIn, you can narrow your marketing to specific criteria, like users in a certain industry or those with a certain job title.

Get More Leads with Simplified Lead Gen Forms

Wondering how to get more leads? Make it as easy as possible for a prospect to share his or her contact info with you.

Rather than having your prospect fill out a lengthy contact form, LinkedIn uses profile data to autofill the form. This makes it incredibly easy for your leads to share their details with you, even from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Start Building Your LinkedIn Brand Strategy Today

LinkedIn is often overlooked when it comes to lead generation, but this tool has the power to create more qualified leads than you might realize. If you’re looking to get more leads for your business, now is a great time to start building your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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