Do online reviews affect SEO?


SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of the online success of any business. SEO is the implementation of keywords into a website as to increase the number of times it is found on a search engine. SEO can either be paid or organic. The development of a strong web presence can help to bring a much larger audience to your business.

An overview of ads:

Reviews are a way for consumers to highlight their experience at a business. ReviewTrackers determined in a study that 49% of consumers check online reviews very often. They also trust reviews at an extremely high rate. Google includes three links in their search results that are known as the “local pack.” The local pack is a very significant place for any business. The “local pack” contains three map results that feature the highest-rated businesses in a given local area. The local pack is the most prominent place a company can appear without being an ad. Reviews make up an immense 13% of the ranking to become a part of this intimate club. Positive reviews are critical as they help to show consumers that your business is at the top of the competition and provides the highest of service.

Consumer use of reviews:

Consumers use reviews to gauge the reliability and overall performance of a business. Consumers will turn to reviews when they know what kind of product or service they require but do not know where to go. They, in turn, go to review-based sites or friends to find the best business that can complete their needs.

The time it takes for consumers to make a decision after reading a review is incredibly small. A strong presence of positive reviews will help bring your company to the top of these review sites and be in the eye of the consumer first. A whopping 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as the recommendation of a friend. This fact only further adds to the need for a plethora of positive reviews from a diverse group of consumers.

Consumer trust:

When a consumer looks for a new product or service they more than likely go to a friend for a recommendation. They do so because they trust the judgment of this person and they believe their friend will steer them in the right direction. When it comes to reviews, reports that a  consumer will read an average of 4 reviews before trusting a business.  This is an incredibly small number, which furthers the need for more and more positive reviews. The companies that have the most positive reviews and most substantial reputation with consumers gain a sense of respect and trust from the public. After reading a positive review, consumers are more than 50% likely to visit the business’s website. Once this occurs, the consumer is incredibly expected to purchase a product or service from the site. Having positive reviews helps to bring an overarching feeling of trust to the public.

Reviews and search results:

Reviews provide a rather large 10% to the many factors that make up search results. Reviews are then broken down into three major categories, which are quantity, velocity, and diversity. These factors are all equally important, as they show potential new customers that all different kinds of consumers are using your business and that they do so frequently. Quantity is the overall number of reviews a company has. More positive reviews for a company directly correlates with a higher search position. Next, velocity is how often reviews are received. Having more reviews of your business lets Google see that your business is active and has a strong relationship with consumers. The third and final factor is diversity. Reviews given by a myriad of different consumers helps to show potential customers that your business has options available for everyone, not just one group of people.  Reviews play an integral part in the number of consumers that frequent a business and the overall possibility of a consumer making a purchase.

Why do reviews matter?

Reviews contribute to the overall presence of a business whether they are positive or negative. Google will use many factors when it takes into account where to place a company in its search results. A positive review will help to show Google that your business is being frequented and that consumers had a positive interaction. To Google, a significant sign of trust is a link from a relevant site. If a website links to a business, it shows Google that this site “trusts” your business. This is a significant milestone for any company, as having a link to your site will help more and more consumers view and interact with your website. Reviews posted on your website help to provide more and more content to Google. Consumers will generally include the type of business in a review which will lead to more instances of the business appearing in searches. This, in turn, leads to a more prominent SEO presence as the reviews contain keywords for your business. Reviews help by giving more content to search engines and providing more instances of keywords appearing on your site.

Advice on Reviews:

Reviews should be an essential part of any business. Reviews help to show consumers that you offer stellar products and services while exhibiting a professional space and recognizing your personnel. Having reviews on your website helps to bring more consumers to your page, which helps your overall web-based presence.

Search engines use a multitude of factors when it comes to ranking your business based on ads. It is vital to remember this and to strive to have a wide array of reviews by a lot of consumers. Overall, reviews help to provide a sense of trust and professionalism to the public, which is key to the success of any business.  We are always available for a chat on how you can optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us for expert advice and great insight anytime!

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