Create a Lead-Generating Machine: The Secret to More Website Leads

We all know that we’re living in the age of technology. Everywhere you go, you see people on their smart devices. We use them for everything, including calling, texting, emailing, checking social media, internet research, and shopping.

Obviously, as a modern business owner, you need to have a website to establish your own digital footprint. However, having a website alone isn’t enough to build a strong online presence. Generating website leads isn’t as simple as making your site live.

You need to transform your website into a lead-generating machine and we’re going to help you do it. Keep reading for our top tips on how to maximize your lead generation.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

First, you need to account for the vast majority of users who will visit your website using their smartphones and other mobile devices. Roughly 81% of Americans own a smartphone.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, these users will experience slow loading times, improperly sized photos, text, and other graphics. Your website will be difficult to navigate and you’ll likely lose countless sales.

Constantly Improve Your SEO

Next, remember that people need to have “directions” to your website. This is where search engine optimization comes in. SEO is the coding used by search engines to find relevant content based on keyword searches.

You can boost your SEO by:

  • Keeping your website updated
  • Publishing blog articles
  • Using effective keywords
  • Using internal and external links
  • Getting backlinks from credible websites
  • And more.

SEO is a fundamental tool for generating organic website leads.

Use Internal Links to Lead Users to Your Products and Services Page

You can generate leads by simply pushing website visitors in the right direction. Throughout your website, include internal links back to product pages.

In your blog, send people to specific products or categories of products based on the article. The easier you make if for people to buy from you, the more sales you’ll generate.

Use Landing Pages

Improving your website leads means creating an intentional customer journey. This journey often begins with a landing page. A landing page can be a pop-up window or destination page with a clear pathway and a powerful incentive.

You can use these to make immediate sales or to encourage customers to subscribe to email lists for future sales. Regardless, a landing page is an essential part of the customer sales funnel.

Use Strong CTAs

In most retail professions, sales leaders teach the ABCs of sales – “always be closing.” Look at each of your web pages as a separate sales pitch in which you should follow these ABCs. This doesn’ mean being a pushy salesman, but it does mean using intentional calls-to-action.

CTAs are vital for getting in the final push for prospective customers. For example, a cleaning company article saying “check out our products that will make cleaning your home easier” and linking to their cleaning products.

Offer Incentives

Finally, remember that generating website leads is a game of give-and-take. You have to give website visitors a reason to convert into customers. This means providing value, insight, information, etc.

You need to make consumers feel like they’re coming out as the winner for paying for your products or services. Offer incentives like free add-on services, exclusive discounts, etc.

Want to Generate More Website Leads?

If you’re having trouble generating website leads for your business, there’s a good chance you’re missing something important on your website. However, we understand that not all business owners are website development experts.

That’s where we can help. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about how you can improve your website and generate more leads.

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