Combine LinkedIn and B2B Content Marketing Strategy For Incredible Leads

There are currently over 706 million LinkedIn users in the world.

While the professionals’ social network is smaller than Facebook or Twitter, it has a much more precise focus. This makes it invaluable for people looking to advance themselves professionally or market their product or service.

This is where B2B content marketing strategy comes in. By using LinkedIn to broadcast your content to get more leads, you’ll very quickly build up a broader client base.

Read on as we look at the best ways to combine B2B content marketing and LinkedIn to market to businesses.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Explained

The idea of content marketing, as the name suggests, is that you market your goods or services through content. This approach is quickly taking the place of traditional marketing, wherein ads were placed between pieces of content in the hope people would stumble across them.

Nowadays, marketers are creating content about their goods and services and posting this online. Leads come across this content on search engines and social media sites. If the content is of the right standard, a percentage of these leads will turn into customers.

The content in question can take many forms, including written blogs, videos, or visual content.

How LinkedIn Fits In

Like any social network, LinkedIn has the potential to magnify the reach of content exponentially. There are a couple of approaches that you can use here.

Firstly, you can share your blog and video content on the platform using links. You can also post your content directly onto the platform itself. If you’re creating the right kind of content, this is the better approach, as you’re more likely to drive engagement when your content appears on the site.

The Right Audience

The main advantage of LinkedIn when compared to its competitors is that you’re speaking to a professional audience who are on the platform to do business. You should try to target your specific niche in the market as closely as you can. Perhaps the most effective way to do this is through keyword optimization.

Creating the Potential for Interaction

The ultimate goal of posting anything on social media is to create interaction. When people like and comment on your posts, they will then appear on the news feeds of everyone in that person’s network as well as yours. The more likes and comments you rack up, the more sets of eyes will end up settling on your content.

Getting Ahead on LinkedIn in 2020

Between the continuing proliferation of tech solutions and the movement restrictions that have come with COVID-19, there has never been a better time to capitalize on online marketing. Honing your B2B content marketing strategy will be a key consideration for you, and LinkedIn can be very helpful in this endeavor.

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