Signs That It Is Time to Rebrand

Signs That It is Time to Rebrand Rebranding is a completely natural process. Without exception, every large company has gone through rebranding processes, ranging from small changes in a brand’s logo to changes that restructure everything from target consumers to business philosophy.  Not only is

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We’re Teaming Up for the Future!

Since 1980, APS Marketing has catered to many customers across a diverse range of industries. Our services have helped many businesses grow and thrive. Today, over 100,000 clients are part of our roster, and we hope that number only continues to grow. Needless to say,

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The Benefits of Influencers

Influencers have quickly become among the most effective ways for a brand to highlight itself to potential customers and reel in the profits in a creative new way. Where we once saw a celebrity touting the newest headphones on a billboard, we now see popular

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3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, as of 2021, about 4.33 billion people use social media around the world. That’s 4 billion people who could be following your social accounts, developing a relationship with your business, and buying your products. Sure, not all of them will do

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