Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

If social media isn’t already in your digital marketing strategy, you’re doing it all wrong. We’re in the age of the Internet where brands and businesses connect with their customers on these social media platforms. Social engagement and social proof inform a customer’s purchasing decisions.

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Digital Marketing Trends

So, you’ve built a website and you’re on all of the top social media platforms you’ve heard people say your business needs to be on. Now, what? Without a strong digital marketing strategy, you’re pouring money into the ether with no plan to track your

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What Can Social Media Insights Do for Your Marketing

Engagement, reach, impressions. You likely know these terms well, but what do they mean for marketing professionals? It is important to note that over 4 billion people in the world identify as social media users. That is over half the world’s population! Needles to say,

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