5 Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tools to Foster Your Prospects on LinkedIn

There are over 706 million users in the world on LinkedIn. With the recent explosion of social media, these platforms are playing a major role in lead generation. This is especially true when it comes to LinkedIn’s B2B lead possibilities with over 30 million businesses using their platform.

If you are new to the LinkedIn platform, you’re likely wondering how this could benefit your business. We’ll discuss how these 5 powerful B2B lead generation tools can bring new customers into your business and further your success.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

First, let’s discuss one of LinkedIn’s very own built-in tools, Sales Navigator. This program is for prospecting and locating leads while giving you more of a premium experience! This tool has an Advanced Lead Search option in which you enter the characteristics of your ideal client and get potential clients who meet those criteria in return.

It will give you the name of who might be the best person to contact at a company and the best results on leads. If any changes occur in the company, it will notify you. In addition, Sales Navigator will track who visits your profile, who has visited your website, and how interested they are.

2. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a B2B lead generation service that can help you turn leads into real customers. It aids you in identifying site visitors, calculates their value, and then targets them on LinkedIn’s platform. You’ll discover who visited your site, what company they work for, specialties, and even their email address. Any good marketing strategy takes into consideration how you will be attracting and contacting potential customers!

3. Crystal

When it comes time to make the pitch, Crystal is there to help. Crystal gives you a look into how each lead prefers to communicate. When you’re wondering what strategies to approach with, this program will help you find out what they will best respond to.

Simply, it is a success and productivity booster when it comes to interacting with B2B leads. Crystal does this by skimming LinkedIn and the web to find insights about a lead’s personality. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

4. Discoverly

This B2B lead generation software is a simple Chrome extension and makes a variety of social networks work together to gather information. With LinkedIn, it will identify a lead and then cross-check with another social media platform to see if you have any mutual connections. This will help you in getting a conversation started and making contact.

5. Dux-Soup

Some of these tools previously mentioned may be time-consuming in your B2B lead generation strategies. Dux-Soup is another Chrome extension platform. However, it speeds up the process by streamlining tasks and creating automation.

This program sends automated messages so that you don’t have to hand create every attempt to reach out. It will also automatically endorse connections and follow promising accounts. Organize your leads with tags and notes to keep better track of prospects. If you are using a CRM, the data from Dux-Soup can be converted into a CSV file and exported to whatever system you are using.

Win Big With B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Statistics have shown that you as a business are likely to be more successful in generating leads with LinkedIn. B2B lead generation doesn’t have to be difficult and with these tools, you are on your way to winning big.

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