5 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency for Small Businesses

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As much as social media appears to be dominating web marketing, SEO is still the best way to find new traffic.

One research firm, Bright Edge, concluded that organic SEO still makes up an estimated 53 percent of the market, far outperforming social media and other marketing channels. 

But one thing’s clear: the old-school SEO tips from 10 years ago don’t work anymore! There are hundreds of business owners who could tell you they’ve been penalized by Google and are not sure why.

That’s why hiring an SEO agency is still the best way to gain new traffic. 

In this post, I’m going to post five reasons why companies need an SEO agency and the benefits of hiring one. This is 2021 stuff, not your motherboard’s SEO! 

How SEO Works in the Modern Age

First, understanding how SEO works isn’t enough. Now, the battle has shifted to finding quality traffic and the web viewers most likely to buy your product/service.

SEO agencies today study Google and Bing trends, perform keyword research to compare your site with the competition and strategize on how to rank you higher for SERPs.

That brings us to the first benefit. 

Benefit 1 – The Digital Marketing Strategy 

Hiring an SEO agency is not about stunt work, like getting you listed for one keyword for one week. It’s about increasing your sales from organic SEO for the long term. 

Effective SEO requires in-depth keyword, market, and competition research. If you can’t create a digital marketing business plan, the agency will. In the end, it’s about finding new customers, and seeing the bigger picture! 

Benefit 2 – Website Design Optimization

Google has been outspoken about penalizing websites that don’t adhere to their guidelines on design and site navigation.

There’s also increased pressure to make all sites smartphone and tablet friendly, and even compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as this article explains. 

If your website is violating one of these codes, hiring an SEO agency can identify all key issues and then recommend or implement the needed change.

Benefit 3 – The Turnkey Solution

SEO agencies cannot afford to be limited in scope, not when SEO strategies directly tie in with PPC, social media, video and graphic content, and even website design. 

Rather than risk outsourcing just one part of the project, many companies now let agencies assume all responsibilities. A marketing agenda might include website creation, maintenance, and content development.  

Benefit 4 – Backlinking Resources

Improving SEO rankings is about creating quality backlinks, right? Good luck finding those high-authority sites, since Google’s not exactly welcoming new websites to the head of the table. 

That’s why hiring an SEO firm is one part strategy, one part taking advantage of their resources. Specifically, we’re talking about backlink networks and other channels under contract.

These resources can help build strategic external links. 

Benefit 5 – True Return On Investment 

Finally, marketing businesses online can be expensive if you just want “tons of traffic.”

The economic solution is to hire an SEO agency that can control spending and balance increased traffic with profitability. 

As we illustrate on our SEO industry page, specific industries can benefit from targeted web marketing and get back their return on investment. Industries that spend the most on SEO marketing include:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Finance
  • Industrial
  • Environmental
  • Beauty
  • Medical
  • Nursing Care

Even though social marketing and media marketing gets a lot of views, in terms of ROI, SEO strategies are still the most cost-efficient options. For SEO agencies, ROI still comes in at 32 percent according to Statista research from May 2018.

Hiring an SEO Agency You Can Trust

Yes, the benefits of hiring an SEO agency come in strategy, technical advice, turnkey solutions, link resources, and return-on-investment.

At APS Central, we specialize in SEO marketing for specific industries, catering to your own unique business plan. 

It’s a long battle to get your brand back on the front page. But if you embrace SEO 2.0, as we call it in 2021, a professional agency can make that goal happen. 

Come visit APS Central’s blog and see what industries benefit the most from a long-term digital marketing plan.

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