4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Investing in content marketing is a no-brainer, but learning how to create, source and build a marketing plan around valuable content is another matter entirely. If you need help, try these four tips.

1. Create a content calendar. A content calendar allows you to map out key dates, promotions and events over the course of the year and craft a content strategy by filling in the blanks. The more detail you add to the schedule, the easier it will be to research and find or create the content. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do the work.

2. Catch up on the latest trends. Position yourself as an industry expert and thought leader by following the latest trends and reporting back to your audience. Not only does this give you something relevant to share, but it can also inspire new ideas as you add personal insight and put your spin on the topics of the day.

Need help finding timely topics? Try out trend-tracking tools like Buzzsumo, which is designed to help you identify trending content based on social shares.

3. Add images to your content. Articles that include images once every 75 to 100 words get twice the social shares than those with fewer images. It’s ideal to create your own images, but if you don’t have the time or tools to do so, free stock photos can do the trick.

4. Generate infographics. Did you know that infographics are liked and shared three times more often than other types of content on social media? Jump on the infographic bandwagon using free data sources.

Looking to give your content marketing a boost? Putting a little time and energy into creating a clear-cut strategy with the help of these tips can propel your business in the right direction.

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