4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Business Forever

In the right hands, an email marketing strategy is an effective way to boost your digital impact. In the wrong hands, email marketing becomes one more useless tool in an ineffectual marketing strategy.

Email marketing jobs are not as easy as they seem. One wrong move and you can hundreds to thousands of subscribers.

To put your email marketing services in the right hands, read on for four great tips that will change your business’ email marketing forever.

Email Marketing Tips

When crafting your email marketing strategy, there are several things for you to consider, aside from the bettering the content you put into the emails. Before you ever worry about email marketing templates, you need subscribers to want to open your emails.

1. Use a Cliffhanger

Your subject line is critical to grab your clients’ attention. One of the best tactics you can employ is the use of a cliffhanger.

Cliffhangers hook your audience by holding back information and using this to attract their attention, resulting in them opening your emails. It’s important not to overuse this tactic, though, as it can feel too spammy or forced.

2. Aim for Double Opens

When aiming for more openers to your emails, don’t just focus on catchy cliffhangers. You don’t want subscribers who only click once. A double opener is desirable because it means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your template.

The double opens strategy involves resending the same email with a different header. Most people don’t even open their emails anymore, with around 20% opening them only once.

You’ll save yourself time and energy in your email marketing if you only change the subject line. Before you resend to the same subscribers, make sure you:

  • Optimized preheaders
  • Better subject lines
  • Delay resending time
  • Sending time

Resending the same email too close to the first time will tip your subscribers off and potentially result in the loss of some of them. If you take time to evaluate when you resent your email, you can target different subscribers on your list.

3. Prioritize Engagement

Your email marketing templates should be engaging. Email marketing is not just to boost sales, but to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Make sure you prioritize engagement with subscribers in your email marketing strategy. Brand loyalty is far more valuable than a short-term sales boost.

4. Watch Your Email Lists

Your email marketing software should help you track subscriber data and keep an eye on your email lists.

You’ll be able to keep an eye out for bouncebacks to prune dead emails, as well as why types of preheaders and emails are regularly opened. This will help you grow your relationship with your subscribers.

Email Marketing Success is Possible

These email marketing tips are the first step to growing your subscriber list in number, boosting your open rate, and strengthening your relationship with current and prospective clients.

For more helpful information on email marketing and other types of marketing, be sure to check out more of APS Central’s high-quality content.

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