3 Content Marketing Tactics That Will Step Your Game Up

If you’re looking to generate more leads and attract more prospective clients, your marketing tactics must be en pointe.

You need marketing tactics for 2020. Maybe you’re unsure of some of the top tactics for this marketing your content.

Read on for marketing tactics examples you can use to elevate your impact in today’s content-saturated world.

Marketing Tactics

Knowing a marketing tactics definition is helpful to ensure you’re actually using tools to help grow your business and aren’t using a strategy bloated with uncertainty. Tactics are a part of any good marketing strategy, but there are quite a few to choose from.

The following marketing tactics list has essential tools for any quality strategy.

1. Engage Your Audience

In today’s content-saturated market, it’s becoming more of a challenge to hit your target audience. At the very least, it’s certainly more challenging than it used to be. One way to engage your audience is through content variability.


If you want your content to stand out, you can’t use the same marketing tactics over and over. You need variability.

Although blogs are important to crafting a have a solid hub of trustworthy information, don’t just blog. When you do blog, make sure your content is well-crafted. Seek out guidance from industry experts for content review.

You can also employ the hub-and-spoke model, which uses your site as a base of information with spokes in different social media platforms.

Share It

Using the hub-and-spoke model is essential to vary up your content. Sharing your blog posts on different social media platforms will drive more traffic to your site. Influencer marketing is a great way to capitalize on certain audiences, too.

When you share your content, make sure you use repetition in the promotion of your content. Sharing information days, weeks, and months after its original posting can boost traffic, too, as markets change all the time.

2. Great Visuals

Engaging your audience through content variability is possible with more than the hub-and-spoke model. Great visual content should be at the top of any marketing tactics list.

Infographics are a great way to deliver information on various social media platforms. They’re eye-catching and a useful way to break up your content without detracting from whatever information you share.

Charts, graphs, and images related to your content are also useful visuals for variability. They can also help you appear trustworthy and credible, provided they are correct and on-brand.

3. Well-Crafted Content

Well-crafted content is shareable, uses great visuals, and is variable. The easiest way to employ well-made content in your marketing tactics is to use write well.

You can reach your audience with targeted emotional appeal. You should provide different types of content, too. Switching between long-form and short-form content provides unique opportunities to employ other marketing tactics.

How-to article lists and blog posts that vary from 3,000 to 10,000 words will vary your audience target and drive traffic, too.

Stepping up Your Game

These marketing tactics are essential to attracting more prospective clients and bringing the virtual traffic your content deserves.

Be sure to check out more of APS Central‘s great content for all of your marketing needs.

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